What is PICOWAY? How does it work?

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  • PicoWay Is So Effective that you’ll have fewer treatments than with other laser tattoo removal options.
  • There’s less pain than with other lasers because the pulses are very fast.
  • The laser works on tattoos of all colors and on all skin tones.
  • There’s less burning and scarring than with other laser options.
  • PicoWay works well on tattoos applied by both amateurs and professionals.


  • As with other laser tattoo removal options, you’ll need multiple sessions for complete removal.
  • Results vary, and not everyone sees the results they want.
  • Laser tattoo removal isn’t recommended for women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant soon because the process can take a year (or more). If you get pregnant before your tattoo is completely removed, you should pause treatments and resume once your provider has determined it’s safe.


PicoWay® is an advanced laser solution for the treatment of acne scars, wrinkles, and fine lines, pigmentation, and even hard-to-treat melasma. Brought to you by Syneron Candela, this revolutionary technology boasts three wavelengths and uses ultra-short picosecond ( one trillionth of a second ) pulses to treat a broader range of skin types in fewer treatments and with greater comfort. PicoWay® can also treat all colors of tattoos.  

PicoWay® delivers ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy targeted at unwanted pigment while leaving the surrounding skin untouched. These pulses break up the pigment into smaller particles that are more easily eliminated by the body’s natural processes. Because it emits less heat than traditional lasers, PicoWay® provides a more comfortable treatment with fast results and virtually no downtime. After treatment, patients may experience temporary discoloration or reddening of the skin surrounding the treatment site. Over a few days, the targeted lesions will darken and slough away. Adopting a pigment-regulating daily skincare routine that includes broad-spectrum sunscreen will be highly recommended to prevent subsequent spots.


  • Mild swelling and redness on the first day, usually gone by the next day 
  • New skin forms after 1-2 week
  • Results are gradual and progressive. A series of treatments is needed to see results