Under eye Filler vs PRP Under eye: What is Best For Me?

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Under eye Filler vs PRP Under eye

If you’ve been wanting to transform your tired eyes, there’s a good chance that you’ve been looking into under eye filler and PRP under eye. Both treat the under eyes, but you’re probably wondering, what’s the difference? These two treatments both help to rejuvenate the under eyes, but in their own unique way. 

Under Eye Filler

For many of us, the darkness under our eyes is caused by a lack of tissue and volume. This lack of volume creates indents under the eyes which makes the eyes look dark and hollow. To eliminate the hollowness and make the under eyes look bright and awake, we need to add volume to the area. This is where dermal filler for undereye rejuvenation comes into play! By injecting the filler into the hollows of the under eye, the areas that were lacking volume become plumped and smooth. Giving you a bright-eyed appearance. 

For those who suffer from darkness and loss of volume under the eyes, dermal filler is a life saver. Wake up every day looking refreshed, awake, and rejuvenated. Under eye hollowness and darkness can be hereditary or a natural effect of aging, but regardless of the cause, dermal filler can brighten up the eyes and face better than even the best nights sleep!

Time: 1 hour

Longevity: up to 2 years

Potential side effects: bruising and tenderness

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PRP Under Eye

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is produced by your own body, and when injected into the skin it stimulates collagen and elastin production! This treatment is perfect for those looking to address:

  • thin and crepey skin
  • fine lines
  • wrinkles
  • and improve the overall quality of the skin under the eyes.

While PRP does increase volume under the eyes, it is best used as a treatment to increase smoothness and improve the appearance of the skin under the eyes. If treating hollowness is your main concern, under eye filler will likely yield more satisfying results. 

Under Eye Filler and PRP Combo

To really make an impact, combining the volume enhancing results from filler and the skin smoothing effects of PRP, you will see even more dramatic results than from just PRP or filler alone. This power duo will give you the best of both worlds by making your under eyes look plump, smooth, and bright, leaving you looking refreshed and rejuvenated!