Facts You Have to Know About Ultherapy

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Facts You Have to Know About Ultherapy

You might already know that when it comes to ultherapy, Toronto has many places to offer you great cosmetic services.  You probably don’t need any convincing whether to get ultherapy or not, but there might be some facts that you may have missed while reading every material there is out there.

Your research is already set, and you’ve already convinced yourself enough to book an appointment. What’s next? Go to your Toronto clinic to get the ultherapy procedure. But before you do, here is some information about ultherapy that you ought to know.

The procedure takes at least 45 minutes

The doctor will apply ultrasound gel to your skin to begin the procedure, and the machine will pass over the treatment area at different depths. It is to ensure that the soundwaves get to contract your muscles deep enough for higher efficiency. It can proceed from 45 minutes to an hour straight.

Expect to feel some pain

Although ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure, it’s not completely painless. But Toronto ID Cosmetic Clinic will make sure to make you as comfortable as possible during the ultherapy procedure. Some cosmetic specialists claim that some of their patients go through with the procedure without even wincing once, while some grit their teeth through the process. 

There may also be some numbing in the treated area for days after the procedure, but it will wear away with time.

There is no need for multiple sessions 

One session is all that is needed for long-term results. Although there are some cases where the doctor would suggest another session after six months, the treatment is generally not needed for another two years for maintenance.

Get instant results

ultherapy is not innovative for nothing. You can immediately observe the difference after one treatment session, especially for those with saggy skin. But the results will be more noticeable after two or three months.

You can combine it with other procedures

Toronto ID Cosmetic Clinic can provide you with quality cosmetic services of the highest standard. With an expert recommendation, they can suggest other procedures that can be done together with ultherapy to achieve better results.

Because ultherapy is non-invasive, the process can be easily and safely done with other procedures upon your doctor’s recommendation.

Toronto ID Cosmetic Clinic will provide you with top-notch ultherapy services that go above and beyond for your cosmetic needs. As ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure, you should have done a lot of research before you booked your appointment, and by the time you enter the clinic, you should already know what to expect and what to do.