Trapezius Botox -Shoulder Reduction Treatment

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What is shoulder reduction?

Shoulder reduction treatment is an effective procedure used to decrease the size of the shoulders, giving the patient a more feminine body shape. As with calf and jaw slimming procedures, botox injections can be an effective non-surgical option for shoulder slimming, enhancing the appearance of the shoulders, neck and back.

Botox treatment for shoulder reduction may be suitable for women who wish to achieve a smoother shoulder line, as well as male-to-female transgender patients. The botox injections, which are typically into the trapezius muscles, can sharpen and slim the shoulder area by reducing muscle tension – the results provide a more desirable contouring and feminine silhouette.

Why might I need shoulder reduction?

There are several reasons why somebody might be a suitable candidate for shoulder reduction treatment. In general, patients wish to attain a more feminine shoulder line or to reduce shoulder pain. 

Trapezius problems – The trapezius is a band of muscles that covers the shoulders, neck, and upper back. Some people may have large trapezius muscles genetically, while others could have a trapezius that is overactive or overdeveloped. Botox injections administered into the trapezius can relax muscle tension, providing a slimming effect on the shoulder line.

Shoulder pain – The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the human body, including four tendons that have the function of holding the muscle to the bone. Any swelling, inflammation, tearing or bony changes around the sensitive tendons in the shoulder causes pain when a person tries to move the arm upwards, backward, straight out or in front. Botox injections may help to reduce or eliminate this pain.

Shoulder hypertrophy – People who suffer from shoulder hypertrophy and have enlarged, bulky shoulder muscles can also benefit from Botox shoulder reduction.

Poor posture – Shoulder reduction with botox can be an effective treatment for poor posture that is characterized by overuse of the shoulder and neck muscles while leaning forward – sometimes known as ‘text neck. In forcing the engagement of the abdominal muscles while reducing stress on the shoulders and neck, Botox can help to correct posture.

Transgender patients – who are going through male-to-female gender reassignment may find that shoulder reduction treatment gives their shoulder line and collarbone a more feminine look.

How shoulder injections work

When botulinum toxin – that is, the neurotoxic protein administered in Botox – is injected into the trapezius, the muscle tension can be relieved without compromising the movement of the shoulder joint, neck and back. By relaxing the muscles, overactivity can be addressed, and muscle mass can be reduced.

Botox injections for shoulder reduction is a simple procedure that usually takes no more than ten minutes. The botulinum toxin is injected directly into the trapezius (the upper shoulder) at the nerve supplying the muscles. Typically, four to five injections are administered in a single treatment session. 

During the procedure, patients experience little to no pain whatsoever. This is because botox blocks signals from the brain that would usually tell the muscles to contract. Botox will effectively disarm the muscles involved, ensuring they do not send pain signals throughout the body. The injections are very quick, and when administered by a trained professional you may not even realise when they happen.

There is no recovery time associated with this kind of shoulder reduction treatment; you will be free to go about your normal activities after the treatment is complete. As with any injection, you may experience mild soreness or muscle ache following the procedure. 

You might require a top-up injection every so often, as the effects of the treatments usually wear off after around six months.

Narrow shoulders: Before and after

In the weeks following the treatment, you can expect the shoulder muscles to reduce in size, resulting in a more feminine and elegant shoulder line. Results are usually not noticeable immediately after the treatment, but can be seen within one week. It takes around four to six weeks for the slimming of the shoulder line to reach its full effect. In general, the results of botox injections for shoulder reduction last for six to eight months.

The aesthetic enhancements that are seen following shoulder reduction treatment include:

  • reductions in trapezius size
  • smoother shoulder lines
  • slimmer necklines
  • collarbones that are better defined

It is recommended that appointments for repeat treatments are made as and when required, as botox injections provide temporary results.