Picosure Pro Laser FAQs

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What conditions can be treated with Picosure Pro?

  • Pigmentation in darker skin types: this includes sun induced pigment, Ota, Hori pigment & dark circles
  • Melasma pigmentation in all skin types: this includes resistant dermal melasma as well as pigmentation in association with melasma
  • Early scars/post inflammatory pigmentation: especially PIH 
  • Enlarged pores: this is the best laser for enlarged pores in darker skin
  • Multi-coloured tattoos: especially for greens, blues & black ink

Why are pico lasers the best option for darker skin types?

Efficiency & safety are the standout features of Picosure Pro. Darker skin types will have more pigment (known as melanin). This pigment is the target for pico lasers, hence why they are more effective in darker skin types. Lighter skin types can also benefit from pico lasers (however in this group, fractional lasers are more efficient). 

What types of acne scars can Picosure Pro treat?

Picosure Pro is best for early acne scars that exhibit signs of pigmentation, known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Early scars are less than 6 months old. 

Picosure Pro can be performed during Accutane therapy. Patients require a series of 3-6 sessions for maximum results. 

Which is better for pigment- Picosure or Picoway?

Both lasers can be used to treat pigmented lesions in all skin types, however Picosure Pro has an advantage over Picoway in the treatment of pigmentation in Asian skin types. The main reason is their fractional lens at a specific wavelength, namely 755 nm.