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Rhinoplasty is one of the most intricate and complex of all facial surgeries. To be successful, it must be performed with the most advanced surgical techniques. If you are considering altering the appearance of your nose with some of the best rhinoplasty Toronto has to offer, read this comprehensive guide to get the facts to make an informed decision.


Rhinoplasty is the medical term for a “nose job,” or “nose reshaping.” It is most commonly performed for cosmetic reasons, but can also address breathing problems caused by injury, impact, or nose defects present from birth. If you have a nose that you believe has a negative impact on your facial appearance, a rhinoplasty can reshape the structure to bring it into balance with your other features.


Most patients who choose to undergo rhinoplasty do so because they feel embarrassed or inhibited by the size, shape, or projection of the nose. As it is the central feature of the face, there is no hiding a flaw, whether it is a hump on the bridge, droopy, large, or bulbous tip, or an aesthetic problem related to overlarge, wide nostrils, or a flat bridge or asymmetrical shape. If you find your cosmetic issue here, you are a likely candidate for rhinoplasty.


Large Nose

While your nose brings character to your face, there can be too much of a good thing. If your nose is out of balance with your other features, it can be corrected and reshaped to create a more pleasing harmony in facial balance.
Unsightly Nose Tip

Some people inherited features they don’t appreciate, such as a large, drooping, bulbous, or pinched nose tip. Rhinoplasty surgery can reshape the cartilage to create a more balanced and attractive profile.
Nose Bridge Hump or Bump

Depending upon the size and projection of a hump, whether created by bone, cartilage, or a combination, smoothing it can dramatically improve your overall appearance to enhance your features.
Wide, Large, Long, or Misshapen Nostrils

Many patients undergo rhinoplasty to correct over-wide, protruding, or long nostrils, or to resolve a unique nostril shape problem. The nostrils can be custom-altered so they better suit your face and are less prominent and visible.
Other Problems: Asymmetry, Concave Bridge, Crooked Nose

For a cosmetic issue such as lack of volume on bridge, an asymmetrical nose, or a crooked nose, a custom rhinoplasty can be performed by adding volume, straightening, or correcting an uneven nose structure.