Shoulder Tightening

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  1. 1.Description

  2. The thin-shoulder needle is used to inject botulinum toxin to soften the developed trapezius muscle on the shoulder and soften it. At the position of the left and right trapezius muscles, inject appropriate amounts of botulinum toxin to achieve the purpose of thin shoulder.

  3. The specific action of the thin shoulder needle is to temporarily block the connection between the nerve and trapezius muscle through botulinum toxin, so that the contracted muscles are relaxed and temporarily paralyzed. The muscles will gradually shrink from the rest (use forward and backward), to achieve the effect of visually reducing the shoulder volume and sculpting the shoulder line.
  4. 2.Advantage

  5. No surgery, no trace after healing, after injection, the curve is soft, the effect is natural, and the beauty comes quietly.

  6. The effect is quick, and the obvious effect can be seen after 7-10 days.
    The injection time is short, you can leave as soon as you are done, no hospitalization, and no recovery period.

Thin shoulders are more shaped: After the thin shoulder needle is finished, there will be a feeling that the whole person is one size smaller. This is because the shoulders occupy a larger body area, and the thin shoulders make the lines of the shoulders look soft and smooth. On the positive side, after the excess muscle is eliminated, the collarbone will look more delicate and sexy. When you look at your back, after your shoulders are small, the lines on your back are clear and three-dimensional.

Dressing is more stylish: People with obese shoulders often have a problem, that is, it is difficult to dress. For bloated shoulders, because of lack of attention and exercise, shoulders are also easy to accumulate fat. Whatever clothes you wear appear to have a short neck, and thin shoulder pins make you basically have no fear of clothes, and you can wear everything in style.

Get rid of old muscle damage: People who sit in the office for a long time will often feel sore in the back, and they are basically weak. This is because the trapezius muscle (shoulder muscle) has a large radius when the neck is bent, and it is also a shallow part, which is easy to be injured. Most people have the phenomenon of damage to the trapezius muscle, and the thin shoulder needle can Helps soothe the muscles, relax the muscles of the shoulders and back, and drive away the old muscles.

  1. 3.How it works

  2. Botulinum toxin is a biological product, but it is not as terrible as the name. The principle of the botulinum thin shoulder needle is mainly to use botulinum toxin to deliver a relaxing substance to the trapezius muscles, paralyze the muscles on the shoulder, let them move less, long-term immobility will shrink appropriately, and the volume becomes smaller, thus Achieve the ideal effect of thin shoulder after injection of thin shoulder needle.
  3. 4.Proccedure

  4. Step1: Before the injection, the doctor will ask the beautician to shrug his shoulders. At this time, the muscle groups such as the trapezius muscle will contract and protrude, and a thick muscle connects the neck and the lateral shoulder.

  5. Step 2: Put a pen on the highest point of this muscle of the shoulder, mark the highest point of the muscle and draw a straight line, the injection is along the straight line of this pen.

  6. Step 3: You can also pinch the protruding area of ​​the trapezius muscle by hand and draw this area with a line pen.

  7. Step 4: Divide 5 points evenly on the straight line of the line drawing pen, divide 2 points evenly in front of this line, divide 3 to 4 points evenly behind the line, and inject about 10 points in total.

Side Effects

After injection

Pay attention to avoid massage after surgery

Botulinum toxin is a liquid medicine. If it is massaged to the trapezius muscle of the shoulder after injection, the botulinum toxin will diffuse to the adjacent muscles, thereby expanding the scope of the drug effect, and other muscles will be paralyzed. , Leading to weakness in other muscles. So be sure to remember: you cannot massage after injection of the thin shoulder needle!
Post-shoulder acupuncture reaction

Beauty seekers who have received a thin shoulder needle will initially feel that the trapezius muscles are relatively stiff, and the stiffness will be relieved after a few weeks. However, doing adduction shrugs will be a bit more laborious. Regarding the postoperative effect, the shoulders will naturally sag, and the neck will be more slender visually.

side effect

The thin shoulder needle is a thin needle for the shoulder. Similar to the thin face needle and the thin leg needle, it is an injection wrinkle needle for a certain part of the body. It can effectively block the nerve impulse of nerves and muscles, paralyze the over-developed muscles, and through the muscles “disability atrophy”, the original hypertrophic muscles shrink, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss. The injection is accurate and the product quality is good. The thin shoulder needle itself has no side effects. Just like some medicines are good, but if they are given to the wrong patient or if they eat too much, they will have undesirable effects.

  1. 5.Result

Immediately after the treatment, there will be no obvious effect, and the injection site will feel slight swelling and bruising. After about a week, you will feel that your shoulders are basically weak. At this time, it is precisely the effect of botulinum toxin. Muscle atrophy can be clearly found within a month, and the effect of thin shoulders gradually appears.
The effect can be maintained for an average of 5 months. After the thin shoulder needle fails, it can be injected again, but not too much at a time, so as not to affect the muscle recovery and health.

  1. 6.Best Candidates

The position of the trapezius is here, its main function is to raise hands and shrug. The muscles of the trapezius muscles are developed, which is a symbol of Man on boys! But on girls, the development of hypertrophic trapezius muscles will make people look like a tiger. Therefore, the thin shoulder needle is most suitable for people with developed trapezius muscles. What do people with developed trapezius muscles have? The neck is shorter, the shoulders look thicker, and the clavicle is invisible.

People with shorter necks
People who have no confidence in strapless
People who can’t see the collarbone