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The Priapus Shot® (P-Shot) treatment is one of the most energizing front line treatments for male sexual brokenness and plans to straightforwardly address restoration at the cell level. Through utilization of the patient’s own platelets to straightforwardly animate development factors in the penis, this treatment offers any expectation of restoration in patients experiencing erectile brokenness, anatomical worries of shape and size. Not exclusively do numerous patients report a sensational improvement in erection quality, this treatment additionally expects to improve penile thickness and reestablish shape. 

2. Favorable position 

1. Increase size by configuration (Can put more in base or in the head or any place makes for best outcome) 

2. No unfavorably susceptible responses (utilizing your own body’s liquids). 

3. No unevenness 

4. Minimal torment (no consuming from the PRFM since it’s from your own body) 

3. How it functions 

The Priapus Shot® is a bleeding edge safe treatment whereby a patient’s own tissues are utilized to animate development factors and fresh blood vessel development straightforwardly inside the penis. A regenerative procedure called PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets) is used. This includes taking a blood test from the patient’s arm and detaching the phones called platelets from the concentrate utilizing an uncommon device. When disconnected the platelet rich concentrate is easily reinjected into the penis. The reintroduction of a platelet-rich serum into a region like the penis animates development factor enactment and fresh blood vessel development. 

Development factors are essential in regular cell recovery and the Priapus Shot® treatment has been appeared to improve cell work, blood stream, sensation and delight in the penis through improving blood stream and improving nerve affectability. 

Too reestablishing harmed tissue P shot treatment can likewise be useful in managing anatomical concerns. The treatment can help address issues with length, thickness and furthermore shape since the infused separates additionally give direct reshaping of tissue structures. 

4. Proccedure 

A blood test is drawn from a patients arm and utilizing an uncommon device in our facility. This example is prepared to separate the platelet bit of the example. When a concentrated serum test has been gathered the Priapus Shot® is prepared to direct. 

Before the infusion, a neighborhood sedative is applied to the penis skin to anesthetize the region and henceforth limit any distress during the infusion stage. 

The platelet extricate is then infused into specific regions of the penis in an about effortless technique. 

Following the method, most patients can proceed with their every day exercises. 

6. Result 

The P shot is an extremely sheltered strategy which can be rehashed. We typically anyway suggest hanging tight for in any event 12 weeks before considering a rehash since in our encounters it takes 8-12 weeks for patients to get results and accomplish maximal improvement. 

Improve erectile quality 

Increment penile thickness (size) and length 

Improve sexual vitality including endurance through improved blood stream and neurological capacity 

Shape improvement 

7. Best Candidates 

A typical explanation behind men to consider the P-Shot is a result of erectile brokenness issues that aren’t being settled with drug and comparable treatment endeavors. Men considered great contender for this treatment are in any case sound people wishing to accomplish a more grounded, firmer, and additionally bigger erection. Nonetheless, it’s essential to comprehend that the P-Shot isn’t a penis extension technique. On the off chance that you are a man, you may likewise be a decent possibility for this treatment for different reasons. A portion of these include: 

• Painful erections because of Peyronie’s ailment 

• Scar tissue that is influencing the penis shape 

• Decreased affectability inside the penis 

• Reduced charisma or sexual want 

Men with an amplified prostate or the individuals who had past issues with prostate malignant growth may likewise be viewed as satisfactory contender for the P-Shot. This is particularly evident if prostate issues are additionally adding to erection issues. 

8. Contraindicated up-and-comers