Is there a difference between pico lasers?

There’s been a lot of “pico” talk lately in the aesthetic scene.  This delights me, as I’m a huge fan of the pico laser technology and more awareness simply means more room for innovation moving forward.  There are a few types of pico lasers in the market, including PicoSure, PicoPlus and PicoCare.  A question I […]

All about PICO Laser

All about Pico Laser  Pico Laser is often touted as the “latest” laser treatment for Pigmentation and Tattoos, and has been gaining popularity in recent months with an influx of celebrities and influencers publicizing it on social media. But did you know… not all Pico Lasers are created equally? With a variety of different machines in the market, Pico Laser […]

PicoSurePro Focus

Sun damage and the natural aging process can cause many aesthetic issues, including skin laxity, pigmentation issues, wrinkles, and scarring. However, not everyone is willing to undergo an invasive procedure to remedy these concerns. PicoSure Pro® Focus™ utilizes focused laser energy to target three different layers of the skin and improve the production of collagen […]

Picosure Pro Laser FAQs

What conditions can be treated with Picosure Pro? Pigmentation in darker skin types: this includes sun induced pigment, Ota, Hori pigment & dark circles Melasma pigmentation in all skin types: this includes resistant dermal melasma as well as pigmentation in association with melasma Early scars/post inflammatory pigmentation: especially PIH  Enlarged pores: this is the best laser for enlarged […]

PicoSure FAQ

How many treatments will I need? Every case is different, so it’s difficult to generalize how many treatments will be needed. The number of treatments needed will largely depend on the type and severity of problem being addressed. During your consultation, you may be able to get an estimate of how many treatments will be […]

Why is PicoSure Laser Skin Rejuvenation Better for Skin?

PicoSure Laser Skin Rejuvenation What does it treat? PicoSure laser addresses skin concerns like freckles, sun spots, discoloration, and unwanted tattoo ink. The laser improves skin texture such as scarring and wrinkles.  The laser converts laser energy into gentle pressure waves to activate cell signaling to create new collagen and start the body’s natural immune […]