Leg Tightening

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  1. Description

The stovepipe needle is the botulinum toxin type A injection, which mainly acts on the muscle tissue and is mainly used to solve the leg muscle hypertrophy. It combines the human aesthetics with bioengineering technology to achieve non-surgical changes in leg shape. The stovepipe needle can not only quickly beautify the calf muscles, but also last for a long time. It not only solves the problem of skinny legs caused by muscle development from medical beauty, but also can be called a new initiative in the history of plastic surgery.

  1. 2.Advantage
  2. Safe and significant effect of stovepipe: Direct injection method, no surgery, no surgery, no trauma, no scars, quick results, botulinum toxin stovepipe effect is remarkable.
  3. Precise, perfect thickening of the calf: the botulinum toxin is injected accurately, achieving a comprehensive effect of being symmetrical, full, true, natural and coordinated.
  4. No trace: Botox injection does not require anesthesia for the thin calf. It only needs to select several injection points at the hypertrophy of the calf muscles on both sides, and the appropriate amount of injection can be performed. It only takes more than ten minutes, and there are some in the pinhole after injection In addition to blood stasis, the others can engage in normal activities without any discomfort.
  5. 3.How it works

Botulinum toxin is mainly a toxin that acts on nerves. Its principle is to block the transmission of information between muscles and nerves, inhibit the nerves that dominate muscle movement, muscles can not get movement instructions, and then it will gradually shrink. After the injection of botulinum toxin in the calf area, the visual effect of a certain thin legs can be achieved.

  1. Proccedure

The main purpose of injecting a stovepipe needle is to let the over-developed leg muscles contract. Muscle contraction is not done at once, but a process of adaptation. In general, the effect can be seen gradually from seven days to half a month after the injection of the stovepipe needle, and the effect is better after 1 to 2 months.

Under normal circumstances, after three to five injections, the stovepipe needle can maintain the shape of the leg, which can last for three to five years, even after the injection of the stovepipe needle is stopped. However, we must pay attention to the injection of the face-lift needle, strictly follow the doctor’s instructions, and carry out diet control. Do not overeating, so that the injection effect cannot be sustained.

  1. 5.Non-suitable Crowd
  2. 1.Myasthenia gravis
  3. 2.People with neuromuscular diseases
    3. Allergic constitution
    4. Pregnancy and lactation
    5. People who have a history of drinking alcohol within a week (including beer)
    6. Those who have taken aspirin or other antipyretic analgesics within two weeks
    7. Those using aminoglycoside antibiotics (such as gentamicin, streptomycin, etc.)
    8. People with abnormal mental ability and poor self-control ability
    9. Patients with multiple sclerosis
    10. Patients with ptosis
    11. Patients with adrenaline and people with heart, liver, kidney and other internal diseases can not use
    12. People who can not reduce the frequent activities of facial expression muscles (such as actors, etc.)