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The face-lift needle, or botulinum toxin type A injection, mainly acts on muscle tissue. It is called the face-lift needle because it is commonly used to solve masseter muscle hypertrophy. The thin face needle is professionally named botulinum toxin and is a biological product that can be produced on a large scale by genetic engineering methods. Because of its nerve-blocking effect, it is commonly used in neurology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery.

The face-lift needle is essentially the use of botulinum toxin injection to treat masseter muscle hypertrophy. Botulinum toxin injection atrophy and reduces masseter muscle through denervation and makes the treatment more thorough. Botox thin face is mainly aimed at masseter muscle hypertrophy.

The principle of face-lifting is to use the face-lifting needle to block the nerve impulse of nerves and muscles after injection, so that the excessively contracted muscles are relaxed and the overdeveloped muscles are paralyzed to achieve the effect of a thin face. The best effect of injection is generally presented in about 1 month .

Face-lifting needles are not like traditional surgery. There is no need for surgery and medicine. Only a small needle is used to inject a suitable amount of biological agent into the masticatory muscles. The purpose of face-lifting can be achieved in a very short time!

  1. 2.Advantage
  2. The advantages of injection of botulinum toxin thin face needle thin face mainly include the following:
    1) No surgery, no trauma, no trace, no pain, soft curve after face-lift, natural effect.
    2) After the injection, there is no trauma and no trace, and the beauty comes quietly.
    3) The effect is fast. Generally, the face-lift effect can be seen in a week, and individual people can see the effect within 3 days.
    4) The injection time is short, it only takes 10 minutes, and you can follow it without any recovery period.
    5) The dosage and operation process of the thin face needle are precise and cautious, it is cheaper and more economical than surgery;
    6) No massage is required after injection, no special care is needed, and it will not affect normal work and life at all.
    8) The dosage for thin face is only 1% of the maximum safe dose to ensure safety.
  3. 3.How it works

The face-lift needle acts on the ends of cholinergic motor nerves, antagonizes the role of calcium ions in some way, interferes with the release of acetylcholine from motor nerve endings, and prevents muscle fibers from contracting. It constantly blocks the spread of nerve excitement, and neither nerves nor muscles are damaged by excitability and conductivity. This is called chemical denervation in medicine. It is precisely the principle of using the face-lift needle that non-surgical medical aesthetic doctors use it to inject the masseter muscle to reduce the face, to solve the lower face caused by hypertrophy of the masseter muscle.


Side Effects

Patients with obvious reaction after face-lift needle injection will have local swelling and fever. Experts point out that this is a normal phenomenon of face-lift needle botulinum toxin injection. Face-lift needles have few side effects. Patients who receive regular face-lift needle injections and receive face-lift needle care under the guidance of professional experts generally do not have side-effects.

After injection

  1. It is also foreseeable that the skin at the injection site is slightly red and swollen. It usually subsides after a few hours. A few people will have slight congestion at the injection site, but it will soon disappear.
  2. Within 4 hours to 6 hours, it is best not to lie down to avoid botulism.
  3. Within 6 hours, do not wash your face, do not wear makeup, do not be curious or touch the injection site, and do not exercise.
  4. A professional doctor will ask you to review after a week.
  5. Do not massage the area after injection, the vaccine toxin spreads.
  6. Face massage, hot compress and rubbing are prohibited within one month after injection.
  7. Avoid eating hard-shell foods after injection; fasting spicy, seafood food, and avoiding tobacco and alcohol within a week.
  8. Weakness and soreness may occur in the early stage.
  9. Due to chewing habits, there will still be slight asymmetry on both sides after injection.
  10. A small number of people may not be sensitive to drugs and the effect is not obvious, so they should be revisited after 2 weeks.
  11. Don’t stay up late within one week after an injection, and reduce the effect of the drug after getting angry.
  12. 5.Result
  13. Botulinum botulinum face-lift (face-lift needle) is recoverable, which means that after six months, in theory, it still needs another injection to maintain the effect. (Some people can maintain it for a long time after 2-3 injections.
  14. If you want to slow down the recovery rate of masseter muscle, you should eat less hard and tough food.) However, clinically we found that some people after two or three injections , Does not need to be injected again to maintain the effect, which means that it has a long-term effect on Guozi face.
  15. The reason is that during the curative effect of botulinum, the human body cannot overuse chew muscles. If this can be used to change the habit of excessive use of chew muscles, after the curative effect of botox, the muscles after weight loss will not be hypertrophic.

  16. Its duration is only 12-18 months, so if you want to get the original face-lift effect, you must receive another face-lift injection.

  17. The number of face-lift injections is related to the duration of face-lift. The length of the maintenance time is also related to the source, dosage, usage of the injection medicine, the technique of the face-lifting doctor, and the physical condition of the person seeking beauty. Some friends need multiple injection treatments to achieve an obvious face-lift effect, while some friends can have a good face-lift effect once.

  18. Some hospitals use an injection method that is injected three times a year. It is a treatment face-lift method. Using this method can maintain the effect of face-lift and make it possible for you to permanently have a small face.
  19. 6.Non-Applicable Crowd
  20. Patients with myasthenia gravis.
  21. Patients with abnormal adrenal secretion.
  22. People with heart, liver, kidney and other internal diseases.
  23. Allergic constitution.
  24. Pregnancy and lactation period.
  25. Those suffering from neuromuscular diseases.
  26. Those who have a history of drinking alcohol (including beer) within a week.
  27. People who can not reduce the frequency of facial expression muscle activity.
  28. Those who have taken aspirin or other antipyretic analgesics within two weeks.
  29. Those using aminoglycoside antibiotics (such as gentamicin, streptomycin, etc.).