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1. Depiction 

BodyFX is a non-obtrusive treatment that conveys radiofrequency vitality, improving blood dissemination and scattering warmth to the profound tissue. Negative weight is utilized to append skin to the RF cathodes to make uniform warming over the dermis and subdermal layers. Patients love the outcomes. 

2. Favorable position 

Innovation to securely convey and continue uniform and profound warming. 

Dynamic temperature checking and controlled vitality cut-off guarantee ideal solace and wellbeing. 

3. How it functions 

BodyFx innovation uses Radio Frequency (RF) vitality to infiltrate the skin layers to specifically warm the skin tissue and the extra-cell grid (ECM) where the collagen filaments are implanted. The neighborhood warming causes a quick compression of the collagen strands and simultaneously builds the digestion of the fibroblasts in this manner quickening the creation of new collagen filaments. BodyFx additionally joins an auxiliary irreversible electroporation (IRE), which annihilates fat cells, diminishing body boundary. 

4. Proccedure 

A BodyFX treatment is moderately snappy—10 minutes for every six-by-six-inch treatment region—and doesn’t include vacation, beside some transient redness in the rewarded zone. Before you start, alert your supplier to any open injuries, dynamic diseases, wounds, or burned from the sun regions to stay away from. 

Your supplier will apply a handpiece that utilizations negative compel attractions to detach the greasy tissue. You’ll feel warmth from the radiofrequency vitality and a delicate pulling sensation, like a profound tissue knead. When the tissue is warmed, the handpiece conveys controlled vitality beats that execute fat cells. Most patients discover the strategy very passable, albeit some RealSelf individuals state they encountered shooting torments. 


BodyFx treatment is an in-office system with no vacation. You can come back to work or your day by day schedule following your meeting. 

5. Treatment Areas 

FAT TREATMENT: BodyFX’s vacuum pressure and controlled vitality target sub-dermal fat to convey body treatment arrangements. 

CELLULITE TREATMENT: BodyFX medicines center around skin and profound tissue to convey demonstrated, powerful outcomes in decreasing the presence of cellulite. 

SKIN TREATMENT: BodyFX’s innovation targets profound fat tissue over various issue regions. 

6. Result 

Six to eight week by week treatment meetings are suggested for ideal body molding and cellulite decrease results, which you can hope to see around a half year after your last treatment (however some BodyFX patients report recognizable fat decrease after only a couple of visits). Skin fixing will in general take longer, since it’s subject to slow collagen renovating.