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1. Description

Presenting AquaGold Fine Touch, a licensed gold-plated hair-fine needle framework to easily convey custom arrangements into the skin at the perfect 600 micron profundity. 

• Shrink pores with small scale Botox/Dyport 

• Smooth skin with dermal small scale hyaluronic gel, for example, Restylane or Juvaderm 

• Improve shallow skin inflammation scarring with small scale hyaluronic gel 

• Enhance laser medicines with small scale serums containing development factors 

• Brighten skin with smaller scale shade reducers 

• Painless technique with negligible potential transient redness 

2. Bit of leeway 

For mellow skin blemishes, for example, barely recognizable differences and skin break out scars, AquaGold Fine Touch conveys a littler measure of dynamic fixings to the region utilizing exceptionally fine needles made of gold-plated tempered steel. This gives characteristic looking revival to minor skin blemishes and the early indications of maturing while at the same time ensuring against extra skin aggravation. AquaGold conveys the treatment utilizing steady profundity over an enormous surface territory that a syringe can’t give. 

3. How it functions 

Utilizing a vial containing your preferred result, the AquaGold Fine Touch is a conveyance strategy for healthy skin and hostile to maturing medicines that infuses into shallow, predictable profundities over a huge surface region. Twenty needles at the tip of the implement are just 0.6 mm long and 0.13 mm wide, which is better than a strand of human hair. 

At the point when the instrument tip is applied to the skin, smaller scale channels are made while the dynamic fixings inside are conveyed legitimately into the skin. 

4. Proccedure 

On the off chance that the AquaGold conveyance framework is the most ideal approach to assist you with arriving at your healthy skin and against maturing objectives, we will push ahead with treatment. An accomplished infusion expert will utilize the AquaGold Fine Touch instrument to convey key fixings to your skin utilizing extremely fine needles on the tip of the vial. At the point when the utensil is squeezed to the treatment zone, the vial discharges the arrangement through the needles, straightforwardly into the microchannels made in your skin. This technique is rehashed until the whole zone is dealt with. 

Postoperative maintenance

Symptoms identified with treatment are insignificant; nonetheless, you may encounter gentle reactions identified with the arrangement conveyed by means of miniaturized scale channels. Distinctive healthy skin arrangements that can be set into the vial shift and have diverse potential eventual outcomes. Most are gentle and die down inside a couple of days. 

5. Treatment Areas 

This technique is regularly utilized on the face, yet it tends to be utilized on the neck, decolletage, and different zones. 

6. Best Candidates 

Aquagold is best utilized for patients who are searching for a milder, progressively energetic appearance, yet don’t require emotional changes. Microchanneling treats the shallow layers of the skin to give a moderate, however recognizable, improvement in skin surface, decrease of scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles, and increment in collagen creation. 

7. Non-Applicable Crowd

Most patients can securely get treatment through this conveyance framework; be that as it may, in the event that you have a draining issue, take blood-diminishing drugs, or have keloid scars, AquaGold and comparative medicines may not be directly for you. Reach us for a particular inquiries you have about whether you can securely get this and different medicines at Ultra Smooth Skin. We will work with you during your interview to discover a methodology or potentially healthy skin items to assist you with your skin needs and objectives.