Acnes Scars

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Acnes Scars

Acne scars are usually the result of inflamed blemishes caused by skin pores engorged with excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. The pore swells, causing a break in the follicle wall. Shallow lesions are usually minor and heal quickly. But if there is a deep break in the wall of the pore, infected material can spill out into surrounding tissue, creating deeper lesions. The skin attempts to repair these lesions by forming new collagen fibers. These repairs usually aren’t as smooth and flawless as the original skin.


Genetics: For some people, scarring is simply in the genes. If your family has a history of acne scars, you may want to be extra careful about taking care of your skin.

Sun exposure: The Vitamin D in sunlight is great for your face – just don’t get too much of it. While intense sun exposure may not directly cause scarring, it definitely plays a role in making your acne marks darker and more noticeable.
Puberty: Big surprise, right?

Someday we’ll discover puberty is actually good for something. In the meantime, it seems to cause more trouble than it’s worth. Case in point: teenagers tend to develop more acne because of all the hormonal changes taking place in their bodies. And more acne means a higher risk of scarring.

Acne severity: As you might expect, scarring is directly tied to severity. When acne is more inflamed, more widespread, and more deeply rooted in the skin, scarring is much more likely to occur.

Acne frequency: Similar, patients who experience frequent breakouts run a higher risk of scarring.

Gender: Both men and women can develop acne scarring – it just seems to be more prominent among men. That’s because, in general, men tend to develop acne that’s severer and more persistent – ​​due to androgen (the male hormone). Sorry, guys .

Time: The sooner, the better! Turns out the longer you wait before getting treatment, the higher your risk of developing scars. So if just washing your face and keeping your hands off isn’t doing the trick, it may be time to see a dermatologist and get some help.


  1. 1.Description

The world’s first picosecond aesthetic laser-optimal wavelengths for treating pigmentary conditions and overall skin revitalization, with the added capability of tattoo removal.

PicoSure laser treats at three wavelengths: 532nm, 755nm, and 1064 nm, making it ideal for treatment of pigmentary conditions. With the addition of the Focus™ Lens Array, you’ll be able to treat stubborn skin conditions in addition to removing tattoos.

PicoSure is the first and only aesthetic picosecond laser for the safe and effective removal of tattoos and benign pigmented lesions, as well as acne scars, wrinkles and skin revitalization treatments. Clinical data shows better clearance in fewer treatments.

  1. 2.Advantage

· Creating an intense photothermal impact in trillionths of a second, PicoSure’s advanced technology spares the skin high thermal damage and targets the chromophore for better clearance in fewer treatments.
· Optimally targets melanin to treat a range of pigmentary conditions
· Incurs minimal thermal damage due to picosecond pulse duration
· Customizable treatments with 2-6mm, 8mm, and 10mm spot sizes
· Tailor treatments using variable spot sizes
· Use boost mode to better treat recalcitrant tattoos with shortened pulse width
· Treat black ink in darker skin type patients using the 1064nm delivery
· Focus Lens Array: A revolution in skin revitalization
· Cynosure’s Focus Lens Array creates microscopic, photomechanical reactions in the epidermis that communicate with the dermis, leading to increased collagen and elastin in the skin. This breakthrough enables skin revitalization with virtually no downtime—only with our PicoSure laser.

  1. 3.Proccedure

  2. a. Duration of treatment
    b. After treatment
    c. Side Effects

  3. There is no downtime with PicoSure Focus™ facials. Patients may experience erythema that typically resolves within a few hours, but in some cases, may linger up to 24 hours. Since each patient is unique, we highly recommend following the doctor’s clinical guidelines to help optimize safety and efficacy before treatment.
  4. 4.Treatment Areas

  5. picosure can be used on the entire body some are off lable
    the applicable body area varies on a case by case basis
    it should be determined after consulting with your own doctor
  6. Result

  7. • Lighten unwanted pigment AND increase collagen and elastin
    • Convenient 15-minute treatments without the discomfort or downtime of other laser options
    • Treat pigment, acne scars and wrinkles in a way that differentiates your practice
    · Cell signaling with PicoSure: a unique, compelling skin revitalization conversation with your patients.
  8. 5.The most suitable group

  9. If you have fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, or any area of ​​your body including face, hands, and arms you may be a good candidate for the PicoSure treatment. Laser acne scar treatment can work on many skin types, including very light and darker skin. Contact your doctor o find out if you are a good candidate for this treatment.
  10. 6.Non-Suitable Crowd

  11. Contraindications The following people are prohibited from using the PicoSure laser therapy device:
  12. Allergy to light in the near-infrared wavelength region
  13. Epilepsy caused by light
  14. Have taken drugs that increase photosensitivity
  15. There is a herpes simplex virus in the treatment area
  16. Active local or systemic infection, or open wound in the treatment area
  17. Acquired moles and easy to develop into malignant melanoma
  18. Pregnancy
  19. There are obvious systemic diseases or obvious diseases in the treatment area 10, there is cutaneous lupus erythematosus 11, is or has received gold preparation virus


  1. 1.Description

PicoWay is an FDA-cleared picosecond laser that treats acne scars, wrinkles, benign pigmented lesions (dark spots) and tattoo removal. PicoWay first became known for its tattoo and pigment removal capabilities, but it is now growing in use for acne scars and wrinkles .
PicoWay uses different handpieces and laser wavelengths for treatment of these conditions. The PicoWay Zoom handpieces treat tattoo removal and dark spots. And the PicoWay Resolve handpieces treat acne scars and wrinkles.
PicoWay has the shortest pulse durations* of any available picosecond laser for aesthetic use. PicoWay offers effective treatments with low to no downtime following treatment.

The PicoWay® system delivers high peak power and the shortest pulse durations6 for a non-thermal, photoacoustic effect that transforms skin from the inside out.1-5 With this remarkably innovative picosecond laser, you can:
· Significantly improve acne scars and wrinkles with a series of quick, 15- to 20- minute treatments, with low to no downtime.
· Address a range of benign pigmented lesions with flexibility in depth and spot size.
· Treat a wide range of tattoos. Even difficult-to-treat blue and green tattoos.
However, to determine whether picosure or picoway is more suitable for your skin type, consult your own doctor for the most suitable machine.

  1. 2.Advantage

Clinical evidence. Studies have shown that PicoWay lasers can deliver:

  1. Reduced acne scarring after just three treatments.
  2. High rates of improvement in wrinkle severity.
  3. A high rate of benign pigmented lesion clearance.
  4. Removal of multi-colored tattoos.

Comfort. The PicoWay Resolve system uses a gentle approach to building new collagen and elastin in the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles.

Low to no downtime. In brief, 15- to 20-minute treatment sessions, the PicoWay Resolve system transforms skin while leaving the epidermis intact. So patients can get back to their lives quickly, without significant side effects.

Photoacoustic effect. Ultra-short pulses enable the strong photoacoustic impact needed to effectively fracture pigment particles without overheating surrounding skin tissues.

  1. 3.How it works
  2. All PicoWay treatments use a picosecond laser with high power and the shortest laser pulses available. A picosecond is a trillionth of a second! The ultra-short pulses with PicoWay are important because they lead to a “photoacoustic” effect that avoids heating the skin rather than a photothermal (or heat) approach that heats the skin and can lead to side effects, such as downtime and scarring.

Because PicoWay uses ultra-short laser pulses, the result is a laser that has low to no downtime after treatment. Users can resume normal activities and even apply makeup over acne scar or wrinkle treated skin within a day of treatment.

The PicoWay laser reaches under the skin for its impact, leaving the outer layer of the skin intact. The ultra-short pulses vaporize their targets before the skin has the chance to overheat. Targets can be pigment from a tattoo, melanin in the skin that causes dark spots, or areas in the dermis (a layer under the outer skin) where tiny spaces can be created to allow room for new collagen and elastin growth in the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles.

  1. 4.Proccedure

  2. a. Duration of treatment
    b. After treatment
    c. Side Effects
    There is no downtime with PicoSure Focus facials. Patients may experience erythema that typically resolves within a few hours, but in some cases, may linger up to 24 hours. Since each patient is unique, we highly recommend following the outlined clinical guidelines to help optimize safety and efficacy before treatment.
  3. 5.Result

  4. Depending on the condition treated, you may be able to see initial improvement as early as after the first treatment. Typically, multiple treatment sessions are needed. As an example, a clinical study of benign pigmented lesions found that after 2 treatments, 87% of lesions had a least good response (>50% had a good response or better).
    With PicoWay Resolve treatment, most patients reported low levels of pain during treatment for wrinkles and mild to no discomfort for acne scar treatment.
  5. 6.Suitable crowd

  6. If you are looking for a laser treatment that acts below the surface of the skin and offers low to no downtime, PicoWay may be the right laser for you. Ask your doctor if PicoWay can help minimize your acne scars or wrinkles, of if it can remove bothersome dark spots or tattoos that you no longer want.