What is the real difference between EMSculpt NEO and EMSculpt? 

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What is the real difference between EMSculpt NEO and EMSculpt? 

Same company makes the laser, they just added a huge boost of technology to help certain individuals achieve even better technology all in one treatment session because they value your time.

They literally combined two technologies which were impossible to pair and patented its unique design and technology to deliver EMSculpt Neo.

Comparison between EMSculpt Neo and EMSculpt

 EMSculpt NEOEMSculpt
What can it doBuild & tone muscleBurn FatTighten SkinBuild & Tone Muscle
What does it treatMuscle + Fat + SkinMuscle
How long is the treatment30 minutes30 minutes
Which areas can be treatedAbs, butt, thighAbs, butt, thigh, arms, calves
How many sessions4 minimum4 minimum
Treats diastasis recti?Yes, up to 19% reductionYes, up to 19 % reduction
How are sessions spaced1x week2x a week
Contactless or notNeeds to be on the skin to make contactCan be on the skin or over clothes
RecoveryAbsolutely noneAbsolutely none
How often should one get itBetween 1-3 months, variable1-3 months, variable
Contraindications to txHernias, metal hardware, tattoos in the treatment zoneHernia, recent surgery, metal hardware
Are results permanent?Fat melting yes, muscle and skin need a boost about every 3 monthsMuscles need stimulation. If you don’t use it, you loose it, hence 3 months maintenance
BMI requirementUp to BMI of 35Up to BMI of 30

What is the cost of EMSculpt Neo?

The cost is expected to be different and higher than EMSculpt as this technology is achieving a trifecta of non surgical body contouring.

The average cost of EMSCulpt Neo treatment in NYC varies between $500-$1500 .

It treats muscle AND fat AND skin.  This is a totally different laser and should not be confused with EMSculpt because they are different, require different patient selection and give different results.

The average cost depends on the area to be treated, the number of applicators used, the number of session to be used and whether you need just EMSCulpt or EMSCulpt Neo.

What is the cost difference between EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo?

These are two different laser and they give different results and require applicators types. The cost cannot be the same as EMSculpt Neo is liiterally 2 lasers in one but with trifecta of results, muscle toning, fat burning and skin tightening, all achieve in 30 minutes!

What is different between EMSculpt NEO and CoolTone device?

 EMSculpt NeoCooltone
What exactly is inside?HIFEM + RFMMS
How does it feel?Gentle warming and contractionsGentle variable in intensity contractions
How long is each treatment30 minutes30 minutes
How many treatments does one needAbout 4 is minimumAbout 4 sessions for treatment area
What does It treatMuscle, Fat , SkinMuscle only
Treats muscle wall separationYes, up to 19 % reductionNo

Table 1 Difference between EMSculpt Neo and EMSculpt 

What is the difference between EMSculpt NEO vs CoolSculpting vs SculpSure?  What is the best technology for fat destruction? 

How to choose the best device for fat removal? The simple answer is find a real body contouring expert like Dr.Avaliani, who literally has all the devices in her state of the art practice and she will guide you and help you decide which device or even a combination of devices, will give you a best possible result. 

(SculpSure, n.d.)EMSculpt NEOCoolSculptingSculpSure
What does it treatMuscle, Fat & SkinFatFat + Skin
How long is the treatment30 minutes35 minutes , 45 minutes or 75 minutes ( depends on applicator type)25 minutes
Fat reduction clainUp to 30% Up to 25%Up to 24%
BMIUp to 35Up to 30Up to 30
Can treat multiple areas in one visitYesYesYes
Areas that can be treatedAbdomen, thighsAlmost entire bodyAlmost entire body

Table 2EMSculpt NEO vs CoolTone vs SculpSure