Dr. Xu – Bio

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An Early Passion & Dedication for Medicine

During childhood, Dr. Dan Xu saw her grandmother suffer a hemhorraging stroke – a triggering even that caused substantial anxiety during childhood. She spent many hours through her younger years wondering what caused this stroke, and how she could prevent it for other members of her family.

Her deep desire to prevent illness others drove her to pursue medicine and aspire to become a physician. While many around her discouraged her, explaining the difficulty in an international Chinese student to become a doctor – Dr. Xu chose to persevere her passion in life. A testament to her dedication and work ethic, not only did Dr. Xu take her MCAT and find herself accepted to Memorial University – she graduated on the Dean’s Honor List.

A Personal Journey with Beauty

As young adult, and one of incredibly few international high school scholars accepted into a Canadian medical school, Dr. Xu found herself watching the starlets of Korean dramas and feeling insecure about what she saw in the mirror, by comparison.

Like many young women, these deep feelings of insecurity lead her to pursue unhealthy and drastic diet measures to lose exccss facial fat – only worsening her self-conscious feelings when improper nutrition lead her to look sick and her skin to break out.

This discovery – and the perspective it gave her – placed Dr. Xu on a passionate pursuit of cosmetic medicine, and in turn inspired her to launch ID Cosmetic Clinic. Embracing the nuances of Asian Beauty (Pacific beauty?) from an empowering perspective, rather than the “not good enough” message often seen in clinics Korea and across Asia.