Beauty Editors Can Have Any Skincare Products But Use These for Flawless Skin

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Beauty editors are truly the gatekeepers to the best secrets for all things skincare. The nature of their jobs is to try the latest products, buzzy ingredients, and treatments before they’re even on the market. Their desks are a steady stream of new jars and bottles, all with the promise of more youthful skin and a glowing complexion. And their faces end up being the testing ground to experiment with whatever comes their way.

Very often, products fall flat and don’t live up to the hype. However, the ones that have been rigorously tested and are religiously used by beauty editors are worth taking note of. So what are the products insiders can’t live without for flawless skin? Here, industry experts are sharing the holy grail products they swear by for a perfect complexion. From affordable finds to beauty splurges, go on to see why each made the cut.

Megan O’Neill, Senior Beauty Editor, Goop

“The combination of exfoliating more (as in every night) and smoothing on May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon before bed and in the morning has made an enormous difference for my breakout-prone skin. It’s this luscious blue balm that’s infused with the most glow-boosting, soothing botanicals like blue tansy (great for helping to treat blemishes) and camellia seed and marula oil. It leaves your skin deeply moisturized, gleamy, and happy. It comes luxuriously packaged in black glass, and you need, like, half a pea-size amount for your entire face. It’s thatrich. (I usually end up splitting mine with my mom—the ingredients are so pure and thus perishable.)

“It smells like heaven, melts in instantly, is excellent for sensitive and breakout types, and it just makes me feel beautiful knowing I’m smoothing myself down in pure goodness. I love it in winter and in summer (though I use an even teensier amount during sticky New York City summers). It’s not cheap, I should add, but my god is it epic. Best gift ever to yourself if you’re feeling flush.”