Reasons Why Fractora is the Perfect Solution for Your Aging Skin

Fractora before and after results are noticeable. It is why many people have gotten Fractora treatments for their skin. As you age, your body naturally loses its elasticity. So even though you stick to a dedicated skincare routine and take care of your health well, the products you use will only slow down the inevitable […]

4 Facts You Should Know About Fractora Treatments

Everybody desires the Fractora before and after results for them. However, the inevitable problems of aging, such as saggy and dull-looking skin troubles, make many people lose confidence.  It is why many people seek Fractora procedures to help curb the signs of skin aging. However, even though you take good care of your skin, wrinkling […]

What Happens During Ultherapy Procedures?

When it comes to skin rejuvenation, Toronto ID Cosmetic Clinic us ready to give you treatments anytime. To help with your skin aging worries, Ultherapy is a proven way to help tighten your skin that has lost its elasticity over time. It’s normal to have worries when it is your first time undergoing Ultherapy or […]

Facts You Have to Know About Ultherapy

Facts You Have to Know About Ultherapy You might already know that when it comes to ultherapy, Toronto has many places to offer you great cosmetic services.  You probably don’t need any convincing whether to get ultherapy or not, but there might be some facts that you may have missed while reading every material there […]

Belkyra Toronto – Double chin treatment without surgery

What is Belkyra treatment exactly? Belkyra treatment is processed by micro- injections of deoxycholic acid to reduce the submental fat. It refines and enhances the outline of the area under the chin. The treatment time is about 15-20 minutes. Belkyra treatments are customized according to the patient’s goals and under our medical recommendation. To whom […]

Belkyra Toronto | double chin reduction Toronto

WHAT IS BELKYRA? Belkyra® is a treatment for submental fullness, more commonly referred to as the double chin. Belkyra® (also known by its American brand name Kybella®), is an injectable solution used to dissolve fat in this region.  Belkyra® is a Health Canada approved product injected directly into the chin to dissolve fat cells.  Belkyra® […]

A Comprehensive Guide for Injectable and Non-surgical Treatment of Belkyra

Many people make light of having a double chin, but the truth is far from humorous. It is, however, not something someone must accept. If you are concerned about the extra skin or fat behind your chin, you should consider if Belkyra therapy is suitable for you. Belkyra is the first and only injectable therapy […]

What is Ultherapy and Why is Toronto Embracing It?

Ultherapy Toronto Ultherapy Toronto is the only non-invasive procedure licensed by Health Canada. It is also approved by many health practitioners throughout the country. Ultherapy Toronto If you want to look younger but dread going under the knife for a facelift, Ultherapy Toronto is perfect for you. It is safe, can be done within an […]

Everything You Need to Know About Botox Toronto

Canada’s demand for cosmetic treatments is growing, especially for non-surgical rejuvenation techniques like Botox Toronto. The market in Ontario’s capital is primarily driven by older people who want to age gracefully. The procedure is also requested by those who want to minimize the appearance of wrinkles but are apprehensive about getting surgical procedures done.  Botox […]

Belkyra Guide for Chin Fat Treatment

(Belkyra Toronto) According to a 2015 American Society for Dermatologic Surgery study, many customers are disturbed by their double chin. It is where Belkyra, is a non-surgical, injectable therapy that is used to target fat beneath the chin, can help. (Belkyra Toronto) Belkyra is a deoxycholic acid. It is known as Belkyra Injectable body contouring […]